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[The epidemic's "transfer order effect" aids transformation! The key to improving the performance of the old plastic factory's promotion of "automation equipment" lies in "here". Digital transformation combined with strategic alliances greatly increase the competitiveness...]

Take the parts out of the machine and check carefully for defects. In our production line, compared to the traditional manual processing method, they are now even more powerful.

This is a six-axis automated production equipment. Compared with the traditional production line, it has an advantage, that is, it can increase the output.  In addition, the yield rate has also increased to 98%.
Reflect past impressions of traditional industries. This plastic injection molding plant in Taichung has introduced automated equipment to improve efficiency and production capacity, but it also allows them to receive new orders under the influence of Wuhan pneumonia.

The general manager of the plastic injection molding plant, Mr. Lin said, "During the Chinese New Year, because the customers know that there is no way to resume work on the mainland, they asked us to add it to the order part immediately to shift the production capacity on the mainland. Turn to us, we have the benefit of such a transfer order.

Since the beginning of the US-China trade war, many customers have prepared to transfer orders, and Wuhan pneumonia has accelerated this trend. In order to maintain competitiveness, they continue to develop new technologies in the process, and their other core technology is two-color molding. Simply put, you can see that there are actually two different plastic colors on this plastic component. Don't underestimate such a simple product. There are many key technologies in it.

Mr. Lin added, "Through such a two-color molding machine, he can cover each mold perfectly. The biggest difficulty is that his mold design is the key, because the two-color molding machine has a very high positioning requirement for the mold base part.

Two-color molding requires high mold precision, but they have their own mold factory, which can adjust and maintain high quality in real time. However, there are all kinds of machines in the factory. How to manage the new and the old?  The manager of the molding plant, Ms. Weng explained that "a tablet will be set up on the machine, and there will be order information on this tablet, so that the on-site personnel can know his order requirements and what business he wants to perform."
After the machines are connected to the internet, they can receive the capacity and quality of each hour in time, and then upload them to the background and aggregate them into a digital management board.
Mr. Lin said, "We can use the production capacity of our machines more directly and effectively.
In addition, through such a real-time management, we can also collect machine data to predict its quality."

The company started its digital transformation a few years ago. The driving force was Mr. Lin, the general manager, who presented the data in a graphical way, making it easier for employees to understand. Although it is a traditional industry, it still strives to find new opportunities for cooperation. For example, the anti-mosquito cassettes jointly created by the anti-insect brand and the newly created design company are produced by them.

The engineering director of the design company, Jason said, "When he (the product) is molded and injected, this is actually a very big problem, so in fact, this group of molds has been modified almost 11 times before and after the mold production."

The plastic injection molding plant has the ability to develop and manufacture molds, coupled with the design power of the start-up company, making the anti-mosquito sheet a big hit, and the cooperation between the two parties is closer. Mr. Lin said, "We are going to form a strategic alliance. The design company manufacturing and process integration capabilities are relatively weak. This is our strength, and we also need their marketing and brand capabilities, also the design ability.

The founder of the design company, Mr. Chen said, "The level of trust has become very high. For example, we can enter the large channel. Sometimes they urgently need some relatively large capacity and demand. I asked Mr. Lin, and he told me directly, he can help me prepare the goods and material first."

The two companies have complementary business models and have the same business philosophy. They have become business partners. Through digital transformation and innovation, the old plastics factory has led the company to a new wave of industrial transformation.

20200316  │  SET iNews     呂蓓君、于成虎  reported

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